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The Artistik Team

Lera Butler

Previously, I have worked with the Artistik Edge for 6 years and I have returned for 6 + more! :) There is just no place like home! I love our guest and our staff.

I've said this when I started and I will say it again. NO ONE does it like WE do! There are 100's of salons out there but this one is home for me!

Even though you will see me running around the salon helping here and there my main focous will be customer relations. It's my passion, You are my passion! My job is to make sure you not only are satisfied with your visit but that you enjoy it. We work hard to go over and above all the rest in providing an experience that you just can't get anywhere else. An example of that would be our new Product on Demand service. POD provides a service that helps us get our products into your hands faster and easier. It's as simple as letting us know what you need for your hair and we will ship it to you. Soon you will be able to access our complete inventory online without having to leave your home to get that product you ran out of. Just an example of the things I will be providing you here at the Artistik Edge. Stay tuned for much much more.